Tuesday 9:30 PM

PAST: The trails skied well today, it was just a matter of timing. I “Pisten Bullied”  some trails last night and some again this morning so skiers had some soft trails this morning and some firm this afternoon.
CURRENT: Tonights grooming was grooming with the Pisten Bully powertilling and tracksetting after temps cooled.  I groomed Blueberry Bluffs, Bards Bump, Meadow Ridge, and River Trail, Popple Flats a portion of Peltonen, Pit Point, Memory lane to the The River House, Jack Pine to the single track,  Bachelors Loop, (Sulos got flooded today about noon) . (the best skiing Wednesday is after 11 AM)  but I may regroom at 4 PM if needed for the last Clydesdales Night Wednesday.

FORECAST: It looks like the temps will cooperate for the next few days. It looks like we will make it with good spring skiing thru the weekend.

OBSERVED: with the sun high and the Montreal River high it is very fun to be out and skiing along the River at this time of year.