Thursday PM

We had some nice mild temps today in the teens. The snow is still cold dry powder but reports from the skiers were very good glide on a firm track. Friday we have all trails open and groomed.

We have the SISU Ski Fest starting at ABR Trails at 9 AM Cst Saturday so the skate trails will be closed on Saturday AM  from 9-12 but the classic trails will be groomed and open all day.  All Trails will be open from noon on. There is still rom in the race and a few openings in the Taste n Tour, you can still register


The SISU Ski Fest Course is looking Super!
We have been grooming deep and wide for the last 4 weeks. Today the John Deere Gator followed by the Pisten Bully groomed and powertilled into town and back again today with a deep till mixing the old cold snow(2) passes overlapping. The course is looking very flat , smooth and wide. The brush trimming is very good.  Pole plants are solid with the edge to edge packing over the last 19 Groom cycles with multiple groomers. There are no thin areas. Road crossings appear to have clean snow for race day close by. This is looking to be the best SISU course I have seen in 5 years. The course is marked as of tonight. We plan to groom the first 28 k Friday night from 5:30 – 11 PM with a medium 2 setting on the tiller depth for Friday night and we will head into town to complete the last 15 k in the morning at around 3 AM to be at the Finnish line at 8:30 AM. Saturday mornings groom will be a shallow tiller setting with high down pressure just enough to set a good classic track and to keep the course firm with the warmer temps. We will be grooming with 3 groomers each cycle for a wide coverage and back up if something special comes up. If we see more than 2 inches on early Saturday morning we have an action plan set  to engage 3 additional groomers to help regroom the entire course.  3 forerunners are set to ski in the classic track before the racers start regardless.
Eric Anderson
ABR Trails
Chief of Course