Now new snow

We are still waiting for new snow. We spent today taking down SISU signs , K markers and fencing for the race last Saturday. The trails have a thin, hard covering of snow and the dusting on top was groomed today on the skate lanes. It is still not good safe fun skiing until we get more snow or take the Pisten Bully out and powertill the thin base. We are waiting for a few more dustings of snow before we open for skiing. If we do not get any more snow by Friday we will reopen and groom the trails for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Without more snow we may only be able to open 15-20 km of trails, with more snow we can reopen all 70 k of trails.

The Grooming Clinic is on for Wed and Thursday. The John Deere engineers will be here and the new JD Gators will be here for demo along with other vendors. Old World Meats will have the grill going with brats and burgers.