Ready to go

The snowfall so far is 12 inches and it is snowing. What a long day…. and the last groomer is still out. The base is packing to about 3-4  inches with no significant bare spots as of tonight We have a few thin areas under Pines and on wind blown ridges but it is looking pretty good. We are grooming about 27 km for skating / classic on the wide combo trails and 13 km is being packed for the stride only trails. We have been focused on packing today (and not leveling or smoothing) to allow the base to freeze tonight. We will be out early in the AM to run the other groomers to level out and track set if possible. We always suggest rock skis for the first opening day, but we may have enough base in the AM for good skis on some of the trails. My guess is the trails will still be soft in the morning and a bit bumpy but pretty well covered. As of tonight there are no  tracks (grooves) for the classic skiers Trails open at 9 AM CST.