Sunday later PM

Just coming in from grooming and checking the trails. The above freezing temps did not seem to affect the trails much except in the open and flat areas, they iced up a bit. The main trails (excluding the Highlands and Peltonen) have very good cover. They may not be perfectly flat and smooth since the base is thin and there is a spot here and there where the groomer brought up debris but they are very white and skiable. Recreation classic skiers will find classic tracks glazed in many areas and thin under the Pines. We are unable to reset a classic track until more snow arrives. The exisiting classic tracks are hard and have side walls. corners and up hills have tracks that are damaged.

 We have spent considerable time on summer work to make the trails smooth and skiable with low snow. We have been grooming with state of the art groomers daily and trying to catch the right time window  for grooming. We have been sending 3-5 groomers out at a time to make the trails as nice as we can. We have been reporting conditions as accurately as possible, trying to error on the conservative side.

OK so what is Monday like?  I expect 10-20 k to be nice for skating and classic will be a bit tricky depending on what trail is chosen.