Tuesday’s conditions

Just coming in from tonights grooming. We groomed multiple passes on Bluberry, Bards, Meadow Ridge and Cherry. They were smooth with the Ginzu and are a cordoroy surface with thin areas of some grass coming up here and there as pictured. We also groomed this morning and trackset River Popple  and Pit Point using a low snow track setter. The areas that had grass showing were shoveld in. Hemlock Jack Pine and White Pine were groomed flat with no track for the skiers to ski in a track. Coverage on these was good (see picture) with a bare aspot going in to the pines like other years. In the morning we plan to groom more skating and set some more track. We have had cold nights, it is 26 now and not had  melting. We plan to be open Thanksgving Day and over the weekend. I see the forecasts calling for some warming but I do believe we can provide early season skiing over the weekend.