Saturday AM

We are getting a light rain this morning, which is forecast to turn to snow this afternoon, no skiing today. The Ski Shop is open with the Sale going on.

Friday night

We were open again today and had skiers who wanted to get off the roller skis happy. Skiers did have to hike to the end of the field to get on snow in the woods. There were stretches of trail put together where the skiers could stay on snow. Not we are used to but it was better than the alternatives. Not sure what to expect Saturday but we will be open for skiing if conditions permit. This is the last Saturday for the ABR Ski Shop Sale 9-4. Snow coming Saturday night!?


The ski trails are open for the hard core who want to train on a thin base with a patch of skiable snow here and there. We discourage the recreational skiers from skiing. There are many bare spots.  The overnight warm temps and sun of yesterday took a toll on the base. Ski Trails open on a  very limited basis Friday for rock skiing, SKI SHOP open Friday and Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving

4 PM Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving! We had skiers today and reports were it is skiable. However I am not sure how skiable it will be after tonight. We plan to head out in the AM on foot and skis to shovel in some of the thin areas to put together a 5-7 km loop. This should give you an idea on the condition. We plan to be open until the snow is not skiable. If we wake up in the AM and the snow is all gone I will report back.

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes we are open for Thanksgiving! The snow is holding up so far. The skiing is best at 9 AM when we open.

“How will it be for Friday and Saturday?”  I think the snow will be skiable but more for those who are wanting to get on snow. I am thinking the recreational skiers, may not be satisfied.

“What have skiers been saying?” The skiers have been saying that is just what they expected and are not disappointed for early season. They are/were happy to drive 5-8 hours to ski the past 2-3 days.

“Will you close if it gets soft to save the snow? No, we plan to be open but we will close if the trails becomes unsafe for the intermediate skier.

“What are your grooming plans?” We will groom as needed when we can.

“Do I have to worry about wearing orange?” I work on the trails in a brown carhart, we are on private land and we do not allow deer hunting. Most skiers have colorful clothing. We close at dark 5 PM for skiing during early season.

 “Is there snow in the forecast” Yes!