Wed Grooming Clinic

We had a nice turn out for the Grooming Clinic and had a chance to look at some of the groomers, snowmobiles, and UTV’s including the John Deere Gator with the aftermarket aluminum flat bed and fuel tank.

After  testing groomers the skiers got to sample the grooming

After Grooming many of the groomers sampled the trails as well on skis

Tuesday PM

We received another 8-10 inches of snow today. The groomers were out this morning and then again during the day.  Wide Track is out setting track on the single track tonight so you know what that means….it will snow another 3-4 inches tonight and we will have to regroom in the AM. The grooming Clinic Expo is Wednesday from 10-3 PM and will be on the dog trails across the road.

Saturday AM

The last 1  1/2 feet of snow has been groomed many times and the trail is firm and race ready. The Pisten Bully is on its way into town grooming the last 10 km of the SISU course now.

The SISU will be going on the ABR Trails from 9-noon and then all of the trails will be open from 9-noon 25 km of stride only trails open and 3 k of skate trails.