Thursday 7 PM

We had a good brush cutting crew today. 5 of us worked 4 hours clearing Deer Trail, Blue Berry Cold Feet, Meadow Ridge and back. Skiing was very good.

Friday, we are clearing the end of Blueberry, Bards, and Rascals on the combination trails. We have a 2 person crew grooming tracksetting and clearing Sunset, Wolf tracks, Puumala and Otter Slide. we are grooming all the skate lanes on the combi trails except dog trails and Pelty and the back/North end of Memory. Crews are working 6-8 AM and then 8:15 to 11 ish cutting brush from the ice storm.

Saturday we plan to take both Pisten Bullies out early AM and groom most of the combi trails. 80 k are looking good for the weekend.

Wednesday 7 PM

What a great March of skiing. Ice storm brush and tree recovering is on going. Crews worked again today. We are presently skiing 48 km of trails brushed and groomed. Some skiers are skiing the un brushed and un groomed.

Today we had our staff out on ABR owned trails; the trails to the south and to the east were being brushed by the property owners, thank you.

I am working with a crew of season pass holders and trailside property owners Thursday 7AM -noon opening up Blueberry , Meadow, Bards, and Jacks Flats and Deer Trail.

48 km was groomed today and skiing very well. I am guessing we will be skiing on 75 km by the weekend.

Discount season passes are on sale until April 1. $100 Newbie, $125 Sr/Jr, $145 Adult. We are holding the April 1 date strict this year. We expect a significant rise in our season pass rate and daily rate for next year due to fuel prices and inflation.

Tuesday 7 PM

Pig Heart groomed 28 km this morning with the bigger Pisten Bully (we need to have a contest to name the 2 Bullies)

The trails groomed up great, especially where the 3 brushing crews worked hard yesterday. reports from skiers were very positive.

We have 2 crews of 2 heading out in the AM to cut the ice damaged trees and limbs and throw them off the trails. They will be tracking and grooming after they cut. Tamarack 2 Track to Jason Park, (Windy Ridge is still closed until it gets groomed and brushed). Hemlock Trail, Highlands with Coyote. ….and Tamarack 2 Track 2 way are going to be brushed and regroomed in the morning. They won’t all be ready at 9 AM of course with the brushing work. If you come to ski at 9 AM ski the groomed/brushed 30 km trail. If you come at 11 AM ski the 45km of groomed and brushed trails.

If you want to help open up the other 50 k of trail, ask how to help. Our grooming crew is very talented at keeping the machines going and grooming, We can cut, clip and polesaw brush, we can even throw brush on the side of the trail. We can always use help though after a storm like last week,

March 7th Monday 7:30 PM

We had a great morning of trimming iced branches. 6 of us grouped into 3 teams of 2. It was fun to see the beauty of the ice covered branches in the sun….but they need to be cut for our trail system to be open for skiing. I am very thankful to our grooming crew to coming in to help this morning.

Wully Bully groomed 12 km of skating after we completed our brushing.

I am heading out to groom about 20-30 km in the early AM with the bigger PB…

Sunday 5 PM

What a change a day made. As I mentioned in my mid day post we groomed the 4 inches of new snow and cleared branches from the ice storm this morning with a full crew. Skiing was reported as 8.5 on a 1-10 scale.

We have a full crew of 6 planned for Monday clearing more branches and low hanging brush from the ice storm.

Coyote Canyon at the end of the day Sunday