Sunday 6 PM

Pig Heart and Crasher headed out early this morning with both Pisten Bullies. Wide Track had the classic only covered with the Expedition SE and 60 inch Ginzu. Trails turned out really well, we groomed 81 km this morning. Groomers back out in the early AM new snow falling again tonight.

Saturday 6:30 PM

A great day of skiing today, slow starting with colder temps but at 11 AM it was warm with sunshine and great snow conditions! 3 Groomers out early in the AM.

Here is an accomplishment I am very proud of. Our non-profit Anderson Bluffs & River Trails Foundation published our first newsletter this week. This is ABR’s legacy for the next 100 years – your kids and grandkids can continue enjoying Nordic skiing through this Foundation ( 501(c)3). 

Please take a look below and click to subscribe and follow our progress. 

Friday 6 :30 PM

Just coming in from checking the trails. The tracks look good, well set and firm, skate lanes look used so we will regroom them in the AM. We are skiing on all 95 km of trails. Trails are in great shape, firm but not icy.

I had the chance to see a red Fox this morning towards the end of my groom cycle on the Dog Trails. Darla’s Diversion.

Thursday 5 PM

What a nice day of skiing today, mild temps and some fresh snow. Wide Track groomed up 50 km of classic tracks. Groomers heading out in the am to groom combination trails….light snow falling!

Kaartunen House is open January 23-26th, Kaartunen Kottage is open Jan 17-19 and 28-31, Jackson House is open Jan 14-31, Everet’s is open Jan24-26

Wednesday 6 PM

Trails are skiing well with the temps in the 20 and a great base. Classic only tracks are showing wear and will be groomed in the early morning. Combination trails will be groomed depending on the amount of snow we receive tonight. Forecast calls for 1 inch.

Cancellation on the Jackson House for the weekend. it is available for this MLK weekend.