Monday 7:30 PM

Crasher and Pig Heart groomed most of the combi trails with light equipment today, (Big Heart and Little Heart stayed in their stalls this morning). The the combi and single tracks are world class today. Skate lanes firm and very skiable “natural snow”. Classic tracks are firm rails but Extra Blue was kicking today both on the combi Pisten Bully groomed and classic only. We have all 95 km open and are regroomed as needed again in the early AM.

Everet’s cabin is open this weekend

Sunday 7 PM (8 PM daylight savings time)

Trails had great reviews on conditions today, we groomed all 95 km of trails now that the 1 week brushing project is complete after the storm. Some of the trails like Rudy’s Shoot and Highlands extension were a bit soft today because they just got brushed and groomed today; 91 km were in great shape, cold dry powder, firm but not icy.

What a great season 115 days long only closed 1 day. Looks like this winter will outlast ABR’s closing date this March. We close the Ski Trails, Ski Shop, Rental cabins, and the Season Pass sale in 7 days, March 20th, 4 PM. Thank you to our customers for your support and attendance.

Sunday 10 AM

We finally got caught up cutting the branches from the “Epic” Ice storm one week ago today.

Jack Pine /White Pine is open!

All the trails have been brushed and branches picked and have been groomed. 95 km open and groomed after 2 more inches of fresh snow last night. Thank you to all those that helped after the ice storm.

March 12 Saturday 7 PM

We had a great morning of grooming! I was in ” Big Heart” the bigger Pisten Bully with the wide tracks and tiller and Crasher was in “Little Heart” Pisten Bully. We groomed up most of the combi trails and Tamarack. We groomed about 67 km today with the Bullies. We stopped grooming the end of the Highlands last week and the black diamonds end of Pelty. Rudy’s is also not groomed. Sunday we have 3 groomers scheduled to groom all the classics, and the same on the combis….2 inches of snow scheduled for midnight. Groomers arrive at 5-6 AM. 80 + km on the schedule for Sunday grooming

Trails looking like mid winter skiing!

Season passes on sale and ski shop sale 20-30% off. Closing date is a week from Sunday…looks like we will make it with good snow. 115 days this season!

Friday 7 PM

We woke up to a bit of a “snow squall” 1 inch of snow w wind. We had a crew of 7 today from 6-10 AM. 4 grooming and 3 cutting brush from the ice storm. We groomed 69 km today, We have 84 km open for skiing and we are heading out early with both Pisten Bullies to regroom combi trails and tamarack and Ridge Runner.

Jaspers loop at the Puumala Trails freshly groomed