Wednesday 6 pm

We have been trying hard to keep a portion of the trails open for skiing and safe…however the warm weather and lack of snow has defeated us. There are no more rabbits in the hat! The trails are open for snowshoeing 9-5, the ski shop is open 10-2:00. 20% off all softgoods in the shop and discounted season passes on sale for next season. Lodging guests can still access their cabins by the snowshoe trail. We expect winter to return soon.

Tuesday 6 pm

”False Spring” ends next week! my weatherman said so…and I believe him.
Groomers and shovelers were out again this morning. Conditions remain skiable on the trails we have been grooming and are skiable on some of the other trails after the temps soften them.

Monday 7 pm

The snow is deteriorating with the warm temps. Grooming and shoveling this morning helped and we plan the same for Tuesday morning. However the trails are skiable but rated as b skis or rock skis.

Sunday 6:30 pm

we had a great weekend of skiing, groomers were out daily on a 15k route, shovelers were out patching the thin areas. The report as of this afternoon is 30 k of decent skiing, 10 k of very good skiing. Groomers and shovelers will be back out in the morning. We all think the base will survive the warm temps this week and we are investing in the grooming and shoveling as long as we can.

ABR Trailside Lodging Availability Update

  • Thu Feb 15 check-in – Fri Feb 23 check-out RockFence
  • Fri Feb 16 – Sun Feb 18 check-out Balsam
  • Sun Feb 18 – Fri Feb 23 Everett’s
  • Fri Feb 23 – Thurs Feb 29 Rascal’s (dog friendly)
  • Thu Feb 29 – Fri Mar 8 check-out Balsam
  • Sun Mar 3 – Fri Mar 8 check-out RockFence
  • Mon Mar 4 – Fri Mar 8 check-out SandPond
  • Sun Mar 3 – Thu Mar 7 check-out Hemlock
  • Sun Mar 3 – Sat Mar 9 check Cherry
  • Sun Mar 3 – Thu Mar 7 check-out Tamarack
  • Sun Mar 3 – Fri Mar 8 check-out Balsam
  • Sun Mar 3 – Fri Mar 8 check-out Rascal’s (dog friendly)
  • Sun Mar 3 – Thu Mar 7 check-out Everetts
  • Sun Mar 10 – Sun Mar 17 check-out RockFence, Sandpoint, Cherry

HoLmestead at ABR – various openings –

Kaartunen Kottage -2/25-2/29, 3/4-3/17-