Sunday 7 pm

the skiing today was reported as better than Friday , but faster than Saturday w the 45-47 degree temps. The Pisten bully improved conditions on most of the trails it treaded on but where I lifted the tiller to avoid dirt it was a bit chunky. Classic skiers appreciated the fresh tracks on the 10 km loop. Groomers are sleeping in tomorrow and will start grooming at 7 am, we are going to clip brush and put up new maps so it will be slow going. No plans to reset tracks until Tuesday or Wednesday when the forecast snow arrives. We will plan to start grooming silos and the highlands tomorrow, they have been packed. They will be open for skiing when we post they are open. I am hoping for later this week.

Sunday 9 am

the trails got groomed up again this morning, we used thePisten Bully on about 10 km and powertilled and reset tracks. We used the light equipment on another 15 km and renovated skates lanes. We have been grooming daily spending 9-10 man hours every morning before opening. For the best skiing experience u can check in the ticket booth or front desk to find out what’s groomed

Saturday 10 am

trails groomed up well this morning, we groomed 25 km of skating and reset 10 km of new tracks. Groomers will be again in the morning.

Friday 7 PM

We had a good turnout today for the early season snow. The groomers worked hard this morning to renovate about 20 km of skate lanes for the 9 AM skiers. Most skiers arrived as the classic tracks were softening about mid day. With temps getting up to 40 today and sunshine, skiers were happy to be out on real snow in the woods. Temps are down to 35 but the trails is frozen again and we will be back out with a full groom team in the early AM.

Looks like Saturday temps will be warm again so it is important to pick your time of day for skiing. I do not expect the base to go away, it is an honest 3-4 inches and solid with a few thin areas on the hill crests and under the conifers.

We are planning to groom daily.