Wednesday 8:45 PM

Just coming in from grooming, the trails are still very solid from the daily grooming with the Pisten Bullies, I groomed tonight with the Gator and 9 foot Ginzu , it worked well. We groomed about 20 km.  Not sure how well iot will freeze tonight but we may take the Pisten Bully out in the early morning and groom some more….there is Rain forecast for tomorrow turning to snow. After 25 years I will do the best to make the best grooming decisions. The report will be updated at 7-9 AM Thursday morning. after I scout the conditions and look at updated forecasts. Scheduled close date is March 22 . It looks like we are closing this year with snow , but flooding from the River. March 22 is 127 days of great skiing!

Tuesday 8 PM

Like I posted at noon on our website, Great spring skiing, on the Pisten Bully power tilled corn snow. We groomed up 40 km this morning. I did a “budget groom” on 20 km of skate lanes with the Gator and 9 foot Ginzu tonight , hitting the window of opportunity for light equipment grooming so we will have some skate lanes for later in the day skaing.  Both Pisten Bullies are still scheduled out in the morning. Skate skiers  can expect hard and fast “budget” corduroy on 20 km at 9 AM and nice skiable corduroy at about noon, as the temps rise. Skate skiers will find about 5-10 km of softer  skate lanes at 9 AM. Classic skiers will find about 15-20 km of great powertilled skiing at 9 AM and another 30-40 as the base softens on the trails groomed today. Note Single track trails will not be regroomed until the weekend of new snow. The single tracks: Hemlock, Sunset, Wolf Tracks and Otter Slide are closed , Ridge Runner and Pelty the steeper black diamonds are closed; they are not safe to ski without grooming.

Monday 7:30 PM

Humm…It was 32 degrees when we fired up both Pisten Bullies this morning.  We groomed 24 km  most of the old ABR, mainly the flatter terrain.  The snow was not totally frozen and hard so it was very tricky finding the sweet spot. When we completed grooming at 9:30 it was 25 degrees .

Skiers were pleased with not having icy trails, but they did encounter some  bumps and chunks as we groomers adjusted to the variable conditions from shade and sun.

We are sending both Pisten Bullies out in the early AM to groom again.

Sunday 8 PM

Today the trails groomed up nicely,  the Pisten Bully groomed trails skied well, I groomed 15 km last night solo and then the groom team came in today and we groomed up 61 km, The classic only were a  bit rough with a poor track in some areas. Pisten Bullied areas were perfect. Snow is transformed. I  just came in from scouting grooming and the plan for tomorrow AM is to groom the combination trails with the 2 Pisten Bullies and leave the single track closed. We will not groom all 76 km but we will groom with the Pisten Bullies on the combo trails. Taste of the Trails next Saturday, we are finalizing the menu, and it will be posted soon. We are grooming daily  or as needed but we do close MARCH 22 Sunday at 5 PM…it’s been a good run but after 127 days of skiing, we are pulling the plug like we do every year in late March.. Wolverine and the Miners Volunteers may have  more energy to continue grooming as needed until mid or late April this year with the snow pack..