Saturday 8 pm

..we picked up another 3-4 inches last night and while we grooming we got another 3-4 this morning. Skiing was a bit soft today but we are now well covered except a few wet areas. , we will regroom in the early am. We may have the Highlands open Sunday or Tuesday 42 km open and most skiers on good skis

….sorry the update took so long tonight. I was out looking for a lost skier in the Highlands. Found safe and sound.

Friday 6;30

the ski trails really smoothed out since yesterday! Even some of our staff that have higher standards skied and enjoyed the coverage and smoothness. We regroomed everything again today and are skiing on about 42 k,  most with decent classic tracks.  We had the small bully out this afternoon, it is almost ready…just neeeds to get skied in a bit more. I am heading back out tonight but wanted to update . 4 groomers scheduled for early am. Saturday should be great skiing



Thursday 6 pm

we picked up another 4 inches of snow last night and maybe an inch during the day,  Groomer’s were out all da y and we had Happy skiers. By mid day we had 42 km groomed about 12 k w classic tracks. We r working on opening more km every day as it keeps snowing and staying cold.

The trails are covered  with about 2-3 inches of base , there are 5% icy areas where  frozen wet spots,  there are 5 -10 areas  where grass was scalped while leveling the trails. The. Trails are continuing to improve with the cold temps and snow.

Wednesday 4:30 pm


we had another great day of grooming and weather! We smoothed out the main trails and saw they had frozen with the cold temps. Then we started in on the wet areas :Sulo’s Loop, Highlands entrance etc. these trails are freezing down tonight and we will work on trying to open them for the weekend. We should have about km groomed for Thursday at 10 am when we open.

Wednesday 6 AM


We picked up about 6 inches of nice dense cold snow. We spent Tuesday packing and freezing the trails. We will be back out today grooming and plan to open for skiing Thursday at 10 am, we should have about 25 km or so open and ready for skiing Thursday and then we will work on the other 40 km. Opening more every day.