Sunday March 24th 9 PM

Thank you skiers for another great season!  After 126 days of being open for skiing and 121 days of grooming ABR is closing as scheduled tonight. We had our Annual  ABR Membership party, potluck and meeting  tonight and closed the official ABR Ski Season.

We do plan on grooming the dog friendly trails (across the road) and maybe Memory Lane (5+ K) for another week or 2 on a casual basis; you can watch the website for details. However the Ski Shop, Rental shop, wax room, indoor rest rooms, and ABR main parking area are closed for the season.  The Dog Trails parking lot will be open for parking until they are closed and there will be a porta potty available there. Daylight skiing or snowshoeing only, no walking on the trails, no ski patrol or rescue available, and no chalet. Please don’t use the ABR Drive way or Parking lot for any purpose. I am having a hard time selling the extension of grooming  past closing (the North)  to Angela….so  the  South side of Pioneer Road is closed until “Winter Returns.” North end is open until posted and will be groomed by Volunteers with a donation box for fuel.

Saturday 6:30 PM

We groomed up most of the trails for today.  We hit all of the Pisten Bully Trails  with both PB’s but the classic only were so frozen with 50 degreees yesterday and 15 overnight , that “Wide Track” was only able to open up Hemlock Jack Pine White Pine for safe skiing, the others softened as the day went on  Sunday is our last day of being open. We plan to groom most of the Pisten Bully trails, Ridge Runner and Pelty are going to be closed for the season. And we hope “Wide track can rest a track on Hemlock, JP/WP and maybe Sunset and  Wolf Tracks. We close for the season at 4 PM Sunday March 24, 2019. Thank you for a good season

Friday 9 PM

Just coming in from grooming with the big Pisten Bully tonight  I groomed Blue Berry , Bards, Hauty Coyote Saari and Meadow; they groomed up well with the renovator but they will be hard and fast at 9 AM. You might want to ski the trails groomed early AM to wait for the temps t soften the trails groomed tonight. We have both Pisten Bullies heading out early in the AM to groom Tamarack, Ridge Runner and the normal River and side loops. Classic only groomers will be out early AM also to reset the classics.  50% off clothing this weekend!.

Thursday 7 PM

The spring skiing has been excellent, no water spots to dodge and no bare spots….a 3 foot base that we are still grooming daily.  We groomed all the classic only trails and Tamarack this morning except Otter Slide, and we groomed all the skate trails today except Ridge Runner, Peltonen and the dog Trails. skiing hours with the increased daylight are 9 AM -6:30 PM. We have been  trimming trails per Spring  project; operation code name “magnum polesawing”… Competing in 2 person teams with the electric 18 volt Milwaukee and the good old ICU Stihl ( 4 stroke).      Groomers heading out again in the AM Friday, Saturday Sunday.We are open from 9 AM to  6 PM until then,  We close at 4 PM Sunday for the season….unless I get sweet talked into grooming the 4-5 km of dog trails across the road for the next 2 weeks or so?

Wednesday 7 PM

Just coming in from checking trails, it is snowing at 33 degrees.  We Pisten Bully groomed  10 km this morning, of comb o trails, we groomed 28 km of skate lanes with the 9 foot Ginzu and Bearcat and we groomed 26 k  of classic track only (all the classic only trails including the Tamarack 2 track (one way)) skiing has been great spring skiing. the groomers are heading back out in the AM. We close at 4 PM March 24th.