Friday 9 PM

I am just heading back from grooming in the bigger Pisten Bully powertilling and renovating the trails tonight.  The trails are grooming up great. The crew will be heading out in a few hours to complete the single track and  combination trails to the south. It looks like a great weekend of good snow and nice temps for skiing!

Thursday 8 PM

Just coming in from checking trails, the new snow groomed into the old base very well and is cold dry powder! We groomed 65 km this morning with both PB’s (and the Bearcats on the single track.) The trails turned out mint…I was very surprised how it could go from old hard snow to creamy snow. It is not icy, sticky or bare…..Ski Shop sale continues with 20%  or more since Valentines Day…All the lodging is booked for this weekend.

Wednesday 8 pm

we had a great day of skiing today, yes it warmed up but the base stayed solid. It is going to ice up tonight as it freezes but the 2 pistenbully’s are scheduled to regroom in the am. Snowfall to date 119 inches….above last year! Base 12-13 inches,

Tuesday Feb 13th 9 PM

I am not updating daily because the trail is staying in great shape with the winter conditions…We groom as needed about every day, the tracks are firm and well set, the skate lanes are firm, flat and soft enough for an edge. I see warm temps for Wednesday but the skiing should remain firm and very nice for skiing. Thursday we will regroom as needed