Thursday 8 PM

The rain turned to snow, we will go out with both Pisten Bullies in the AM if it continues, and the single track groomer “widetrack” will be busy setting tracks on the classic only.  The base is solid from daily grooming  and should groom up well…with or with out new snow. Check out the past posts for the Foundation and the Virus.

Anderson Bluffs & River Trail Foundation Announcement

Announcing the formation of the new Anderson Bluffs & River Trail Foundation Inc. This non-profit foundation has been formed by Eric Anderson and Angela Santini, owners of ABR Trails, Inc., in Ironwood, Michigan, with a vision to sustain the ABR legacy as the Midwest’s premier Nordic ski destination for generations to come and connect ABR Trails to the larger community.

Read the full Foundation Press Release

Wednesday March 18th 5 PM

We are closing all buildings at ABR: the Ski Shop, Ski Rental room and lunch room, back room and wax barn tonight at 6 PM due to the  threat of the “virus”.  The Ski Trails and snowshoe trails  are still open 9 AM to 6 PM  and will be open until Sunday at 6 PM. We will continue to groom as we have been daily. Trail passes are $10 self pay with a check or cash at the unmanned guard shack at the entrance. Maps will be there as well and you can always call the office number. 906-932-3502. We will be working in our home office, monitoring activities from a safe distance. If you have a multiple day pass or punch pass or season pass that will be honored. You can change boots in your car, at home or in your motel room. There are 5 trailhead porta potties but the indoor restrooms are closed as well. Hobby wheel on US2 is open for ski or snowshoe  rentals if you need rentals. To purchase a season pass for next year you can mail a check or call with a credit card.

Tuesday 8 PM

Just coming in from grooming. the snow in most areas is still cold dry powder. I groomed the skate lanes to the south  excluding Windy Ridge. I will be back out in the early AM to regroom the section close to ABR, I will decide if it is needed to use the bigger Pisten Bully or if I can use the John Deere Gator 835i with the 9 foot Ginzu Groomer.. Skiing was great today with the cold snow and sun out. We are open for great skiing …..but like I posted last night, this is not a “social gathering” please . Get your ski boots on and head and have fun skiing.
The (4 )Indoor spaces are limited to 6-10 people for everyone’s safety. We don’t serve food or drink…but we want to voluntarily comply with the health standards set forth,

Monday 6:45 PM

I groomed all the Combo trails this morning after the and during the light snow, except Pelty and Ridge Runner and the dog Trails.

I am planning on grooming the same in the AM and maybe more…

We are open until March 22 Sunday at4 PM when we  we close for the season. We are not having a closing party due to the “virus”

With the health risks posted:  we are limiting 8  people to the wax barn,6 people to the Ski Shop, 10 people to the lunch room and rental room. and 10 people to the backroom afterhours chalet.  The 66 km of ski trails appear to offer safe social distancing,  Please plan your skiing for skiing and not chalet lingering. We really want to respect the risks from “the virus” but we also want to continue to supply an alternative health benefit with outside exercise.