Saturday 6:30 PM

Full groom crew out this AM, Regroomed 32 km of skate trails and reset 52 km of classic tracks. Skiers were very happy with conditions. Ski shop still has a nice selection of ski equipment. Clothing is selling well too, Check out the shop before the selection runs out. Remember 3 customers at a time with face coverings and social distancing.

Friday 7 PM

Another inch or so fo snow last night and early AM…We groomed up 47 km today and retracked 47 km today. We mainly concentrated on the combination trails since  they were more windblown. We have a full groomer crew  heading out early AM tomorrow to groom classic only trails and touch up skate lanes on combo trails. the snow conditions are great…and the daily grooming on the 90 K  trail system has been consistent.

Thursday 6 PM

We groomed about 20 km today and set track on 10 km . The new snow continues and we will be out regrooming in the early AM

Tuesday 7 PM

Team of 5 groomers out this early morning grooming about 75 km, resetting tracks and grooming skate lanes after the new snow last night and yesterday.

About a 1/2 inch of powder fell today.