Dec 3rd Thursday 3 PM

Good news, the snow is skiable again for this Friday, tomorrow. The small amounts of snow on our thin base that we left from last weekend is skiable. It is questionable  if B skis or Rock skis are the best choice. There are many thin areas but many with good coverage. I am aware of 3 stretches (20 foot long) where the grass is showing so I will carpet these 3 areas with a white carpet. We plan to have about 10 km open The pictures are showing typical conditions in pics 1 and 2 and 3 is one of the 3 grass areas I found to be carpeted in the AM

Dec 1, 6 AM

We are getting nice cold temps at night to keep things frozen. We are working on a plan to reopen some of the trails we had open last week. not sure how good it will be or how many We would reopen Friday Dec 4th at 9 AM

Nov 30th

We just got a dusting of snow overnight…but not enough to reopen . We hope to reopen soon but we a few more inches of snow

Nov 28th 7 PM

I am just coming in from checking/grooming the trails. There are a few stretches of good snow, however there are too many thin areas and icy areas to stay open until we get more snow. We will be closing the trails tonight and the ski shop and hope to reopen soon.

November 28th 9 AM

I groomed about 13 km this morning and was pleasantly suprised with the course.  a few thin areas and lots of small bumpy areas but very skiable. 19 km is open, 1/2 of it is decent early season skiing. Ski Shop sale continues today