Sunday 5 pm

Still no snow and we are not open for skiing. The Rustic cabin and trailside house guests enjoyed the trails and nearby waterfalls. The ski shop will be open 10-2 until the snow returns. Discounted season passes and merchandise are on sale.

Wisconsin friends at Rock Fence and visitors from NC, WA, CO and Madison in Everets

Saturday 7 pm

We had a fun busy day today! Lots of shoppers taking advantage of the 30-40% sale and our early season pass sale. We had all the houses and most cabins occupied. Our lodging guests have been enjoying hiking the ski trails and snowshoe trails since the snow is not skiable.
we are running low on newspapers for fire starting….if you have any please drop them off in the ticket booth.

we are planning to open as soon as we get enough snow for grooming and

Ski Shop Sale

With the warmer temps, Angela started the sale earlier this year….

Large selection of remaining  Bjorn Daehlie, Craft, Swix and Sporthill jackets, vests, midlayers, base layers, and pants—-  30% and 40% off!

3sp Sporthill pants, hats, headbands, neck gaiters, gloves, mittens, wax, and accessories—-20% off!

Shop hours 10-2 daily and longer on weekends. Come and shop!!

Discount season passes on sale…for next season.

Wednesday 6 pm

We have been trying hard to keep a portion of the trails open for skiing and safe…however the warm weather and lack of snow has defeated us. There are no more rabbits in the hat! The trails are open for snowshoeing 9-5, the ski shop is open 10-2:00. 20% off all softgoods in the shop and discounted season passes on sale for next season. Lodging guests can still access their cabins by the snowshoe trail. We expect winter to return soon.

Tuesday 6 pm

”False Spring” ends next week! my weatherman said so…and I believe him.
Groomers and shovelers were out again this morning. Conditions remain skiable on the trails we have been grooming and are skiable on some of the other trails after the temps soften them.