Sunday 9 AM

both Pisten Bullies just came in, we used the Bachelor Renovators to turn the hard pack and glazed classic tracks into skiable soft surfaces. Skiing should be great today.

Saturday 8:30 PM

What a great day of skiing. the ski shop sale and the nice weather and great  trail conditions brought out a good group of skiers today. The ski shop was busy with the 50 % sale today and ski sales and binding conversions. We had a full crew of 4 out his morning, both Pisten Bullies did a great job, the classic only groomers had to make a few passes to make it nice.  I just came in from grooming the close trails with the bigger PB and it tilled up well. There were no bare spots or thin spots on the trail. Both Pisten Bullies are heading out in the early AM to head south and groom. Classic only trails are going to be as is for Sunday. Classic skiers that arrive at 9 AM should ski the PB groomed trails the combination trails and  including Tamarack 2 Track. that would be about 60 km of trails. The narrow classic only trails may be icy until the temps warm up. Jacks flats and Jack Pine should be fine with there flatness even w glazed sections for Sunday.

Friday 9:30 Pm

Great news. I am just coming in from grooming with the bigger Pisten Bully. I am still powertilling cold dry powder! A few south facing hills are transformed corn snow but 90 % is cold dry powder. I groomed up about 20 km tonight  with the Bully and we have a full crew in the AM to groom up another 60  km or so.

Many calls and questions when we will close and how conditions will be next week etc. Yes I see temps are getting warm next week Tuesday Wed. maybe even rain. However I see our base is pretty thick and as long as the river does not flood  I think we can survive the warm spell and stay open for skiing until March 21st our scheduled closing date. there are not any bare spots on 90 km  of trails.

Starting Saturday 50% off remaining xc jackets, seaters and a variety of tops. All other soft goods 20% off. 20% off drinker belts and ski bags.



Thursday 7:30 PM

Grasshopper groomed about 30 km of trail tonight with the JD Gator and 9 foot groomer. I groomed about 20 km this morning w the PB . the snow conditions are great. Tracks are glazed on open and south facing hills. We do plan to reset tracks until Saturday early AM,. Friday we are going w firm tracks, some glazed, on classic only trails and regroomed skate lanes and reset tracks on combination trails by the PB, no bare spots reported.


Wednesday 7 PM

Great skiing today, we had both Pisten Bullies out this morning, we powertilled cold dry powder on 45 km and reset tracks. Wide Track came in and regroomed 40 km of the Classic only Trails. Temps did not get warm enough to ice up todays grooming, except on open areas and south facing hills. I plan to head out in the AM to regroom with the PB on main trails.