Sunday PM

We survived the warm up today and did not receive any rain. The base did soften  a bit but was very skiable. We will resume grooming when the trail freezes down hard, hopefully we will back out Monday AM. We still have plenty of base left on the ski trail.

The Hilltop House is open for the Thanksgiving Weekend!

Sunday 6 AM

The Pisten Bully groomed about 10 k last night as the temps were still cool. We woke up to 38 degrees this morning, no rain but too soft to groom any more today. I am guessing that the skating will be  a bit soft but the classic should be OK with the nowax skis.

Saturday PM

We had a great day of skiing today, lots of happy skiers. We groomed up 37 km fresh last night and this morning and it skied well. A bit of pine needles and oak leaves but a good deep base and firm snow so we ar eable to use the PB without trouble.

Winter is here to stay

Skiing has been super! The trails are flat and smooth and firm after many cycles with the groomers.

Lots of concern from the folks down south about the forecast. I see that there is a chance of rain Sunday 30%. I really do not think that if it does rain that it will be an issue for the trails. We have plenty of base to regroom and we have the equipment to handle it.

No Deer Hunting here

Lots of questions on deer hunting. We ar eon private land that does not allow deer hunting.

We firmed up the snow again this morning with multiple passes of grooming and the PB. It has been super skiing.The Hilltop is open for the weekend.