Monday 6 PM

Great skiing on 57 km of freshly groomed trails today. We had a crew of 5 out grooming today w 2 Pisten Bullies and 3 smaller machines on the classic only trails  to make the skiing fun and safe.  We will be out grooming again early AM but plan to groom combination trails only, make sure to ask what is freshly groomed when you check in to ski at 9 AM when we open. Skiing ungroomed trails is very fast  but can be  dangerous until it gets soft…..spring skiing.  Knowing the groomed trails and timing is important.

Discount Season pass on sale  $100 for skiers who have never been an ABR season pass holder…payback 7 times over 157 days and your pass is paid for ($1.57/day).  $130 for SR and JR and $130 for adults … good for the rest of this season 29 days, and all of next season 127 days?

Sunday 5 PM

We had a great day of skiing today, after a great early AM grooming shift with 4 of the groomers out for 4 hours each!  We retracked and regroomed 65 km of trail  in that session and turned any hard surfaces to powder controllable skiing. Just coming in from checking trails and we will be doing the same for tomorrow. Then it looks like temps will settle down and we can resume to normal winter conditions with fresh snow midweek. Don’t forget about the new ABR Season Pass Special $100 good for all of this season and all of next season!

Saturday 8 PM

Congratulations to all Birkie Skiers, looks like the course and weather  were perfect.! We groomed up about 50 km today and had great skiing. The benches out  on the south winter deck were great and felt like spring, however the skiing in the woods was still cold dry powder. I could not believe it tonight with the pre-grooming/ scouting I did.; the groomer was bringing up cold dry powder!  A team of 4 groomers will be out very early AM Sunday to get the trails in tip top shape. Birkie skiers ask about the 20 % off sale,

Friday 7 PM

Great day of skiing, warm temps and the snow stayed nice and cold, not sticky or soft, thanks to the grooming crew. Just coming in from checking conditions,, the snow on 95% of what I checked is still cold dry powder. The classic tracks are not icy but are firm and polished,  The small Pisten Bully is heading out on Tamarack and Ridge Runner and part of the Highlands as needed. I am heading out to take of old ABR with the bigger Pisten Bully. Classic only looked good we will leave them as is .

Thursday 7:30 PM

Just coming in from checking the trails, they are picture perfect with firm corduroy and firm deep crisp tracks. 74 km …Rudy’s Shoot  has 2-3 inches of powder. Season Passes on sale for next year $130 for 18-64 yrs , $110 for Jr. and Sr. NEW special for  NEW ABR season pass holders $100. Ski all of this season and all of next season.