Monday 8 PM

The weather was very cooperative today, It did not get as warm as expected, the snow stayed cold. No water dripped off the roofs today. We will still stay closed for Tuesday and Wednesday , but will plan to open at 10 AM Thursday. our normal opening is 9 AM but we use 10 AM after a start up to give more set up time for the grooming.

Thank you all avid ABR skiers for voting it looks like we are still in the top 10 North American Cross Country Ski Trails.  Results coming in 10 days, voting stopped today at noon.

Sunday 8 PM

We had a great weekend of skiing! Most people’s comments were  “best pre Thanksgiving skiing I ever had on real (natural) snow”. However looking at the forecast we are closing for 3 days Mon Tuesday and Wednesday to let the cool temps freeze up the 3 -4 inch base. We plan to reopen Thursday  at 9 AM. the ski shop , lodging and ski trails are closed until 9 AM Thursday .

Friday 5:30 PM

We regroomed about 30 km this morning including setting new tracks. We are heading out tonight and early Sat AM to regroom and resext more tracks and skate lanes. Skiing has been great. We are open from 9-4, daily and our ski shop sale continues tomorrow at 20% or more off most merchandise. The big Bjorn Dahlie order came in Today! 4 Rustic Cabins open for Saturday night. Don’t forget your daily vote over the next 3 days to get us up to the top for ski trails in North America… Vote at 

you can only vote once per day from each electronic device.

43 k open November 13th w Full depth classic tracks!

what a great day of opening for the season , we wanted to open mid week because we thought there would be many skeptical skiers. We have very good conditions, not for early season, but for winter. The trails ma be a bit soft for skaters but are well covered. The classic skiers find 43 km of tracks w 42.7  km of good tracks full depth.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite trail system on the USA Today Poll , posted under our November post w PB picture  it says “online poll ”  underlined. Click on ABR then vote. you can only vote once per day from each electronic device. 6 more days.


Did you vote today? online poll listed below November post w Pisten Bully picture.

Just coming in from grooming tonight  and the I set 20 + km of classic tracks. they look good , maybe a bit shallow under the pines. The Grooming crew has been working long hours to pack the trails for the last 9 days. The trails will be groomed and tracked again in the early AM and I expect 40 -45 km  open at 10 AM with about 30 km of skating and 45 km of classic. We are skiing on all private land with no hunting allowed.

Open at 10 for skiing or shopping and closed at 4 PM Wedensday