Tuesday 7:30 PM

We groomed all the classics today and about 1/2 of the combo trails…probably 45 km  or so. Bo reported conditions as the best day of skiing of the season, Bob is a season pass holder from Rochester MN who skis here 40 times or so a season. I groomed the dog trails tonight and both Pisten Bullies are heading out  early AMto regroom the rest of the trails .

Remember my Dad Dave working to develop the trail system 25 years ago?

Monday 8 PM

Just coming in from checking trails, the base is firm and tracks solid. There is an inch of powder on the trails so we will regroom some trails early AM t Tuesday  . Skiing is being rated  as excellent.

Sunday 5 PM

What a great day of skiing today. 3 groomers took care of all 76 km today again. Groomers will be sleeping in Monday AM since the snow stopped and the trails are looking good .

Friday 5 PM

We groomed up 60 km this morning with 4 groomers. I am heading out tonight to do some Pisten Bully grooming,  and Peltonen  rerouting. The team will finish up  the trails in the AM.

We are doing a new more “friendly” intermediate grooming of Peltonen Pass Saturday, eliminating some of the technical fast downhills and steep headwall uphills. There is a group of ABR regulars skiing the revision at 10 AM, come for the group ski or try it on your own. We are interested in your feedback. We feel Peltonen Pass “out” is underutilized and looking forward to your comments, a few other reroutes and modifications are possible but require summer dirt work.