Friday 6 PM

We received another 2-3 inches last night and 1-2 inches over theday today. We regroomed 60 km this morning and we will be out tonight grooming and complete all 70 km again in the AM (no ice, no bare spots)

Wednesday 6 PM

We received another 5-6 inches of snow overnight! The groomers have been getting a work out. We groomed all the trails again this morning except the PAss out. I heading out tonight with the PB to do some more grooming.

Tuesday night 9:30 PM

Another 10 inches of snow overnight, the groomers were out early and some stayed until 2 PM keeping up on the trails.

We groomed 68 km today many trails were groomed many times. Skiing is good!

Monday 9 PM

Just coming in from second shift grooming with the PB. We received about 12 inches of snow in the last 24 hours/The groomers were out this morning until 10 AM and we groomed 19 trails and 50 K. Another 15 km was groomed tonight and the snow continues. We will be back out in the early AM hours and we will groom throughout the day Tuesday if the snow continues!

Sunday 8 PM

We had a great day of skiing today, mild temps and 50 km of fresh groomed trails.

It is snowing and we will be back out in the early AM regrooming the new snow