Tuesday night 7 PM

The weather was again mild and after checking the trails they did hold up fairly well today.  The River is rising  but the higher trails are holding a thin layer of solid base. We are not able to reopen for safe fun skiing until it gets colder and snows. It looks like Thursday or Friday the forecast will allow us to re-groom and reopen for safe , fun, skiing. We keep the website updated daily. Sorry we can not always answer the phone. We are closed for snowshoeing and skiing Wednesday.

Monday 6:30 PM

We are going to close the ski trails Feb 21-22, 2017/Tuesday and Wednesday due to the rain and unsafe and variable conditions. This is very unusual for ABR to close the trails during the main season. We make this announcement early in the evening so that traveling skiers can amend their ski plans for the next 2 days. We hope to reopen for Thursday, stay tuned. We still have the trails snow covered!

Monday 4:15 PM

We groomed the 31 km this morning and we had a busy morning of skiing. The rain started at 2 PM and  it is still raining.  We are planning to be open at 9 AM for skiing but we will need to wake up and see what it looks like. So far we have been grooming daily to have good spring conditions. I will update again in the AM about 8-9 AM after going out on the trails.

Sunday 6:30 PM

We had another day of spring skiing today. Skiers reported that skiing was super fun and fast on the ground up corn snow from 9-12. Skiers also enjoyed the warm skiing at 45 degrees  on a firm base from 12 – close.

We groomed all 73 km of  trails last night and this morning including power-tilling all of the wide trails with the Pisten Bully and power-tilling the narrow trails with the Alpina  dual track and Alpina small tiller and track-setting with the “Ginzu” Groomer and Bearcat.

We will continue to groom for the next several warm days with lighter equipment and limit our open trails to the more gentle terrain so that the more expert trails keep their snow. (It is difficult for the groomers to climb hills in the softer conditions and it is easy for the beginner skiers to snow plow the soft snow off the trail). So we will be skiing on River Trail, Popple , Pit, Memory, Bachelors, Sulos Cherry, Blue Berry to the shortcut, Meadow and Tamarack and Hemlock and Jack Pine/WP, Rascals and Spank’s. That is 20 km of skating and 31 km of classic.

We do have one small cabin open for next weekend and the Hantala House. Pre Season- Season Pass Green Banana sale is on along with the ski shop sale!

Saturday 10:30 PM

Just coming in from grooming with the PB, the trails are still well covered  and grooming up well, and should ski well on Sunday!  We groomed 25 km tonight and will groom 40 km in the AM , make sure to ask what trails are the best for 9AM.