Monday 8 PM

Great skiing today, low 30’s and hi humidity. We groomed about 45 km of skating  this earlyAM , the classic tracks looked great. we have a crew on stand by for the morning grooming.

Sunday 7:30 PM

We groomed and re-tracked all 76 km of trails this morning  and trails skied very well…many positive comments.

Just coming in from checking trails tonight, The classic tracks we set on all the trails are nice and firm …herringbone marks on up hills for classic only trails but good deep set tracks on most terrain. Combo trails had great tracks too but skate lanes were used up today. We will regroom skate lanes in the early AM hours.

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Saturday 8 PM

Just coming in from grooming in the Pisten Bully and checking trails. The 3 inches of cold dry powder groomed up well this early AM  on 72 km of trails. However we had skier traffic from 4 Ski Clubs;  and many happy recreational skiers. We received another inch of snow this morning. I groomed up 15 km with the Bully tonight and we will have 4 groomers out again in the early AM to regroom all 76 km. for great skiing in the morning at 9 AM

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Friday 6 PM

A bit on the chilly side this early AM w strong  wind so we decided today was our day off from grooming. There was a 1/2 inch of cold dry powder on the trail w a small drift here and there in the open areas.  We groomed 70 some k yesterday and we will be back out grooming 70+ km tomorrow early AM after the winds die down around 1 AM.

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