Monday Morning

We woke up to an inch of heavy snow so we retracked about 45 km of trails and combed out about 30 km of skate lanes. Skiing should be excellent again today!

Sunday night

We had a great day of skiing, we set about 40 km of new tracks last night and early this morning and groomed 35 km of skate trails. The snow started at around 1 PM today and has been steady but light. We received about an inch so far. The groomers will be back out in the early AM to regroom. Rustic Ski in Cabins are still available over the holidays.

Saturday night

I am just coming in from checking the trails to make the nightly and early morning grooming plans. We will be regrooming all of the skate lanes and resetting the classic only trails as needed. We may also be resetting the classic tracks along the skate lanes. I checked about 15 km of trails tonight and what I found was the trails were well used but not abused. There was not much cordoroy left and some ice spots from the snow plowing on down hills….but we can put them back in shape tonight with no bare spots or dirt.

Friday night

We had great skiing today, the Highlands are open and skiing well! We are skiing on 55 km of trails now….. 53 k of which are in excellent condition.


Super skiing today! The groomers backs were soar today from pats of praise and from 9 hours of shoveling today in the damaged wet spots from the thaw and the flooding of the Montreal River. Make sure to tell them how you liked the ski conditions. They are in blue suits.

The main trails are skiing in excellent condition.  Most of today was spent on the Highlands. We hope to have the Highlands ready for skiing Friday. We need to regroom in the early AM and decide. Remember we do have a high level of standards here at ABR.DSC02262 DSC02266DSC02259DSC02267DSC02249