Friday 8:30 PM

I am just coming in from checking trails and the cold is setting in fine. but we do not have enough snow from yesterday to groom. We will have a good base when the next few inches arrive…maybe Tuesday?

The Ski Shop will be open Saturday from 10-4 for the Ski Shop Sale 20-50% off…but the trails remain closed for skiing.

Thursday night 8:30

The snow has stopped, temps are dropping. I am just coming in from checking the trails and we have a good solid 2 inches of snowfall. That is not enough to make a skiable surface with grooming so we will not opening for Friday skiing.

We will check again when the temps drop Friday to see if if we get more snow….it is not forecast.

Saturday the Ski Shop is open for the November Sale with 20-50% off. 10 AM -4 PM



Happy Thanksgiving

It is snowing at noon and 32 degrees. The snow is forecast to stop at 9 PM. At 9 we should have a better idea as to if we can open for Friday skiing. We will repost again tonight.

Wednesday night

The temps are at 39 and we did not receive any new snow, We are just watching to see what happens Thursday afternoon and Thursday night. If we get the 4 inches forecast we have a chance of opening for Friday or Saturday.


Projected Forecast for the weekend

It looks like we will continue to be lacking snow for a few more days. Depending on the forecasts we are seeing an inch or so Thursday (which over out thin base and frozen ground is not enough to reopen).  We are then seeing up to 4 inches of lake effect for Friday, which would be enough for reopening and skiing. Stay in touch we will update daily as the weather unfolds.

The trails are ready since we have been packing and driving the frost down, Grooming equipment is out and serviced,  We put 3 plows on the trucks today, ski shop is ready and open every Saturday, wax room and facilities ready!