Sunday 5 pm

we had a good weekend of skiing with the milder temps. The trails stayed firm and did not ice up w the daily attn from the Pisten bullys. We regroomed and retracked 65 km  of trail this morning early and last night.

A fun group from Crystal Lake IL

Saturday 4pm

skiing was excellent today! We groomed all 75 k this am or last night. It was warm but the snow held up well.

Luke and his family enjoying the snow

Friday Jan 19 6;30 pm

reportsnhave been delayed due to IT issues.sorry. However we have been keeping up with keeping the trails in great shape. The deep snow base is like a huge glacier and keeping the surfaces cool and powdery. Groomers out tonight and early am

skiing has been super.

Friday 9:30 PM

We received a good 10 inches of dense snow. It is grooming up well.  Both Pisten Bullys were out today one is just finishing the second pass tonight  and both will be back in the early AM along w Wide Track grooming the single track.Tim and Jacey from Duluth had a good ski today.

Thursday 5:30 PM

We did get a morning off from grooming….. It started snowing at 11 AM and it has not stopped…temps are dropping it is 15 now…above. We received about 4 inches so far and we expect another 2 inches, We have the full team on for AM grooming, shoveling and plowing…to get all 75 k groomed by 9 AM