thursday 5 pm

Another 1-2  inches last night, we groomed about 55 km today and the snow is really getting smooth and deep. 65 k open Friday, 5k open Saturday

Wednesday 6 pm

We received about 5-7 inches of dense snow during the day. The groomers and plow truck were busy from 5 am to 5 pm. We are grooming 75 km and skiing on 65 km. We will open  the last 10 km Saturday. You can use your best skis and the conditions are very good. Skiers from souther Wisconsin and Minnesota are calling conditions ‘mid-winter’ conditions

Monday 6:30 pm

We had a busy weekend with good snow. The snow has been steady and temps cold. we are opening the Highlands Tuesday and hopefully the new backend of Tamarack 2 track. That will put us at 62 km of trails open.  The Highlands make take a few days to smooth out so use caution on the hills . The main trails are being skied w race skis and are well covered w good smooth skate decks and full depth classic tracks.

Demo days Saturday 10-3.