Wednesday 7:30 PM

Skiing is staying rated as very good. Tracks are firm and skate lanes are well covered. We do a few icy spots in the lowlands. We are grooming every day and working on maintaining the trails. Today we worked on the main trails and the classic only beginner trails. Thursday we are working on more classic only trails and the main trail skates . We do see warm temps in the forecast but I do not see any issues w a day or so above freezing temps with our base.

Tuesday 7 PM

3 groomers spent our 8 hour shift on the Highlands/ Ridge Runner trail smoothing clipping and patching weak areas. We groomed a few other trails as well. The coverage is looking very good. Wednesday we plan to spend the early AM on the classic only single track and then some of the Main Trails. We are skiing all 75 km of trails, (55 km are in great shape, 15 km are in good shape and 5 k are in skiable condition). Demo days this Sunday to try the new equipment and visit w factory reps.

Monday 6 PM

It felt good to sleep in till 6 AM this morning. We skipped the grooming for the early AM but will be back out in the early AM Tuesday w the crew. Trails are looking great. Demo Days are coming up Sunday Dec 16th.


Saturday 9;15 pm

just coming from grooming  18 km with the pisten bully. The trails are grooming well. We will head back out in the early am to finish up all the combo trails, single tracks are still skiing well with the new track from yesterday.