Wednesday 8 PM

Skiing today was again as good as it gets. Come and see for yourself.

Tuesday 6 PM

We had a SUPER day of skiing today. skiers were very happy with the silky, creamy fresh cordoroy, new tracks, and mild but winter temps.

We had a crew of 6 of us out this early morning getting all 70 km completely regroomed for some great skiing.

Monday 6 PM

We received about 2-3 inches of snow today  during the day and it is still snowing lightly. We will be back out  in the AM with a full crew to groom 70 km.

Sunday 9 PM

The groomers worked hard this mornig to turn hard pack into skiable surfaces..

The Pisten Bully pulled a double shift to powertill and renovate the hard pack, the Ginzu Groomers did double passes to make for some real nice skiing. We will be back ou tin the AM to mix in the new snow with the old

Saturday 6 PM

We had a great day of skiing again today. The mild temps are so nice to be out in. We groomed all the trails last night and this morning, the skiing was not icey. Groomers are heading out again tonight and in the early AM