Thursday 5 AM

It is snowing and we received about 4-5 inches overnight. The groomers are all out and we are getting the trails in shape for skiing this morning


Wednesday 4 PM

We spent the day rolling and packing 60 km, about 1/2 appears to be skiable with the current snow conditions. We have a full groom team on for the early AM and plan to open at 10 AM Thursday

Tuesday 7 PM

“Game On!”

Just coming in from checking trails…The new snow today piled up to 3 inches on top of what we had as the groomers were out and the temps are dropping nicely to freeze up the trails.  We will continue grooming and packing again Wednesday and Thursday morning and we plan to re-open Thursday at 11 AM and stay open for the winter!

Monday 8 PM

Was waiting to see if it was going to snow before posting……nothing yet. We are white and had groomers out all day today including packing the Highlands. We are not skiable yet but it won’t take much to get us going. Looks like Wednesday night will be the turning point.

Sunday 5 PM

We have been getting a light snow all day, Angela and I were out checking the trails tonight with Darla and we are seeing decent coverage.  We have a groom crew scheduled in the AM to pack the trails and we hope to re-open soon.angela-on-the-river-trail-with-darla