Thursday 6 PM

What a great day of skiing today. We had 4 groomers out early this morning, We groomed 73 km this morning and we are heading out again tonight and early AM with both Pisten Bullies. We are now offering our discounted season passes good for the rest of this season and all of next season at a reduced cost of $130 for adults, and $110 for Senior and Jr. Sale is good till April

wednesday 10 pm

the snow stopped. we received about 8-10  inches ,  I groomed about 8 km at 3 PM and worked on clearing snow from main parking areas after that. Full groomer crew heading out early AM. I expect all 75 km will be groomed up by about 9:30 or 10 AM

Tuesday 9 PM

Skiing was reported today as  the best day of the season by multiple skiers!  We groomed 65 km last night and early this morning and had temps in the teens with high sun…..I sure hope it’s  great skiing.

10 PM Monday

Just coming in w the Pisten Bully,  groomed about 20 km tonight, the Bully is heading back out in the early AM to groom Blueberry, Bards, Hautannen, Ridge Runner , Saari and Meadow., “Widetrack” is heading out to groom all the single track classic only trails.