Dec 23 lodging updates

Houses Trailside: Feb 7-11 is open in Hilltop March 3-4 is open in Kaartunen House ,

Semi rustic cabin  Everet’s Jan 5-6 private sauna, electricity and water

Rustic Cabins open

Jan 4-5 Sandpoint; Jan 5-6 Hemlock; Jan  6-7 Rockfence,         2 person cabins Jan 6-8 . Jan 10-14  pretty open.


Sunday 8 PM



Just coming in from checking trails, We groomed 34 km  late last night and early this morning including setting fresh full depth  classic tracks as needed. We will be regrooming about 10-12 km of trail in the early AM, most likely the flatter trails to provide a pleasant ski experience.   River , Popple,  Pit Point w bypass, Memory and Blue Berry  return w Meadow Ridge.. then Cherry and the Pelty to Hilltop loop. Classic tracks may be glazed on southern slopes,

The Riverside Farm House had a cancelation it is open for Christmas to New Years Dec 27 Jan 5th ! call  715-580-0752, or 715-580-0272 email [email protected] 

Monday night

Just coming in from grooming with the PB…It looks  like mid winter out there with snow hanging on the trees and piled up on the sides of the trails. We do have most lodging open for the next 18 days if you want to enjoy winter.

Lodging available

We have the River house and Annex rooms open for Dec 24 and 25, Annex rooms open Dec 18-25, and annex room open Dec 29-Jan 1. 

Sandpoint Rustic Cabin (no electric, no running water) is open Dec 18-26, Cherry Meadow 2 person cabin is open Dec 26. All other cabins are booked through New Years.

Hilltop is Open

The Hilltop is open for this weekend at midweek rates, we had a cancellation. Ski Trails are in tip top shape and we reset about 20 km of tracks today and regroomed 35 km of skate lanes.