The snow stopped

The snow stopped today at 9 aM and the sun came out for a perfect day of skiing. Looks like a nice forecast for the next week. We regroomed 40 km of the trail system today we will complete the other 20 km in the AM

The snow can stop anyday!

We have enough snow for a while. It snowed again on top of last nights grooming, we should know better than to groom at night. We regroomed all 60 km again this AM and skiing was perfect today. We are keep ing up with teh snow with a firm trail….but it would be nice to have a morning off from grooming. We are starting to¬† sell off all of the demo skis in race and classic along with all of the rental skis in skate and classic. $139 and up.

Daily snow….daily grooming

It has been snowing daily an ich or so….just enough to keep the goomers from sleeping in. We have been grooming every day about 1/2 of the trail system and the ski conditions have been super.