April 5

Well I closed up the dog trails today. Looks like the weather is turning to Spring. See you next fall! Thank you skiers for a great season from Eric and Angela

Saturday 6 PM

We broke out both PB’s and groomed about 21 km , mostly combination trails. Access is from the Dog Trails Parking lot or River House, (River House Parking is limited you may want to park on the roadside… safely.)  We are not regrooming for a few days but skiing should be very good again Sunday, BTW the trails groomed are now all dog friendly.

Friday 9:30 PM

We plan to run both Pisten Bullies about 7 AM Saturday,  We will most likely groom all of the dog trails and cross the road at the River House to Memory Lane and maybe a bit of River and Popple etc…probably about 10 km or so. Access is from the dog trails across the road from ABR)  or River House.The Main trailhead is shut down, ski shop is shut down and indoor restrooms shut down.

Monday 7:30 PM

A bit of a different day today: Groomed 9 km : dog trails, crossed the road and groomed  Memory, part of River , and  Popple  with the Big PB, Polesawed with 2 teams on other trails, and put small grooving equipment in storage. trail head signage and ski racks down.  Clean up from Sunday ABR Membership meeting/ Party. Working 8 hours felt like a vacation! I am liking semi retirement.

Sunday March 24th 9 PM

Thank you skiers for another great season!  After 126 days of being open for skiing and 121 days of grooming ABR is closing as scheduled tonight. We had our Annual  ABR Membership party, potluck and meeting  tonight and closed the official ABR Ski Season.

We do plan on grooming the dog friendly trails (across the road) and maybe Memory Lane (5+ K) for another week or 2 on a casual basis; you can watch the website for details. However the Ski Shop, Rental shop, wax room, indoor rest rooms, and ABR main parking area are closed for the season.  The Dog Trails parking lot will be open for parking until they are closed and there will be a porta potty available there. Daylight skiing or snowshoeing only, no walking on the trails, no ski patrol or rescue available, and no chalet. Please don’t use the ABR Drive way or Parking lot for any purpose. I am having a hard time selling the extension of grooming  past closing (the North)  to Angela….so  the  South side of Pioneer Road is closed until “Winter Returns.” North end is open until posted and will be groomed by Volunteers with a donation box for fuel.