Tuesday 6:30 PM

Just coming in from checking  trails, We will be retracking Tamarack in the early AM regrooming Ridge Runner to skate and doing touch skate lane and tracksetting as needed based on the wind tonight and any unforecast snow.

Monday 7 PM

Just coming in from checking the trails, They are looking great. We groomed 65 km last night and early AM today. Some of the trails Pisten Bullied  groomed last night have 1/2 inch of lake effect snow on them, but they were skied in today with no complaints. Sunny and 21 degrees on fresh tracks… conditions don’t get much better.

Sunday 9:30 PM

Just coming in from another 4 hour shift in the PB the trails are looking like a carpet, smooth and hard after 3 groom cycles in the last 24 hours; we are heading out to complete the grooming early AM.

saturday 8:45 PM

Great day of skiing today, we groomed all the trails with 4 groomers until 9:30,  I was out tonight grooming w the bigger Pisten Bully for almost 4 hours,: 4 groomers will be out again in the early AM including both Pisten Bullies.

Friday 5:30 pm

I regroomed about 10 km last night with the Pisten Bully.  Trails were a bit windy, but skiing was great. We are expecting about 3-5  inches of snow tonight. and then a few inches over Saturday. we will  be grooming 6 -9:30 and a bit later if needed. The best skiing will be about 9:37 AM.