Friday 8;30 pm

looking good for Saturday, 40 km opening, 25 km tracked. Early season conditions. Open 9-4 for skiing and SKI SHOP sale.

Friday 6 am

Traila are looking good for the opener tomorrow. We should have about 40 km open and 20 -25 is tracked. There are some thin areas and some ice spots in the lowlands from melting. See you at 9 Saturday

Wednesday 7;30 pm

We groomed all the MAIN combo trails widening freezing and TRACK-SETTING, from what I was seeing today, it looked like good early season ski conditions. We spent part of the afternoon patching and correcting some wet areas. Weather and temps look favorable for a good opener on 25-40 km Saturday

Tuesday 7;30 pm

Temps dropped to 2 degrees tonight…freezing down the base and wet spots. We widened the trail freezing the edges this morning and groomed most of the day into dark.  We will be back Out in the early am  with all 3 groomers Ginzu grooming/leveling and track setting for Saturday,  Thursday and Friday we will do our final tweaks on the trail as needed. Daily evening reports continue w  early season preperations,…sure beats the old days of answering phone calls all day.

Monday 7 pm

We will be opening the ski shop and trails Saturday November 17 at 9 am.  We  have been working hard grooming daily to smooth and freeze down trails. We are being a bit more particular on opening conditions so we are going to wait until Saturday to open.  We Ginzu groomed 32 km today and are working on widening and opening additional km, it is a slow process with the 2 feet of snow and warm ground. Thank you for your patience….for mid November skiing. Hope to see you this weekend!