Saturday…happy skiers

The trails groomed up OK. You know we are particular and want the Pisten Bully to flatten out trails perfectly; but it is November. We are grooing daily and we did reset about 15 km of new  classic tracks today. We are grooming all the trails north of Hautanen  and the coverage is good, it just a a bit bumpy and we have some icy areas. I do want to say that all of the skiers over the past 4 days have been satisfied and happy!

Friday Skiing

We have been getting steady snowfalls, an inch at a time and grooming it in daily. The skiing has been good/very good. An inch or two has fallen again today and will be regrooming again in the morning including resetting tracks as needed.

Happy Thanksgiving

18 degrees and sunny. We did get a couple of inches of snow overnight. Trails were regroomed and tracked this morning, still some thin areas but overall the main trails are getting good.

Good skiing today

We had a nice day of skiing today. All the reports back were positive and skiers are happy. The trail is freezing in well. The snow has started as of 5 tonight. Groomers will be back out in the early AM . Open every day including Thanksgiving from 9- dark

Trails will be open Wednesday Nov 24

We are just coming in from grooming. We have been freezing down the base again after todays snowfall. We packed about 45 km but will be opening about 25 km of trails groomed flat without a classic track. Some of the main trails turned out quite nice for early season, others are still a bit rough. The best part is the trails are frozen in most places and at 15 they will continue to freeze tonight. The base is thin so we recommend caution and not using your one and only best set of skis. John Dees forecast is calling for steady 1-4 inches over the next few days so conditions are expected to improve daily.