Wednesday 10 pm

I am just coming in fromgrooming in the bigger Pisten Bully….the trails are looking great. I set track and groomed skate lanes on River, Sulos, Hautannen, bards, blue berry and  Meadow ridge! The othe main trails were pisten bully powertilled this morning. Skiing has been super for spring skiing. We close on Sunday  March 26th at 5 pm

Tuesday night 7;30 pm

Just coming from checking the trails. I will go out in the am and powertill some of the main trails for soft forgiving conditions at 9 am. The tracks will be left as is and will ski better as they soften later in the day for beginners.

Friday 9 pm

Super skiing today and this weekend!

i am just coming in  from grooming in the big bully$150/hr plus my time. The snow is tilling up as dry cold powder!  We are heading back out in the early am to complete the grooming to include the classic only trails. The skiing this past few weeks has been excellent, the weather has been great. We have been grooming almost daily to make conditions  perfect. The skier count is way down. We plan on grooming till the March 25…. but we need skier traffic to justify the effort and expense.


Monday 8 pm

We groomed 50 km this morning, the snow started about 9 am and as of tonight we picked up 4 inches of snow, Groomer’s will be back out in the am and we  will have the trails ready at 9 am