Wednesday 10 pm

the pisten bully is just  coming the new snow is grooming up well. The groomers will be back out in the early am to have all75 km groomed up by 9 am

Sunday 7 pm

We had a  great weekend of skiing.  The snow is holding up great. We powertilled all of the combination trails this morning except peltonen pass and  Rudy’s. We reset tracks on all classic only trails. Season passes are on sale now at the discount price for skiing the rest of this season and all of next season. We will  regroom most skate lanes in the am

Saturday 6:30 PM

We groomed up 75 km with 4 of us this morning… We had great skiing today and we had a super turn out for the Taste of the Trails.  4 groomers scheduled for early AM grooming again Sunday.  The weather looks very favorable for skiing Sunday/ I am heading out in the bigger Pisten Bully tonight  to groom.

Friday 8 PM

Skiing today was reported as “Fast…but controllable” , “Great”, “Spiritual”, “Very Fun”, “Sticky in the afternoon”

We groomed up about 40 km this morning with 3 of us treading on the lighter side with light equipment. Saturday AM we will have both  Pisten Bully’s out doing a complete regroom using powertillers and the Bearcats handling the single track classics. We will be grooming all 75 km including the Windy Ridge!

Many calls on the warm temps…with the well packed base and professional grooming equipment and operators we are able to provide a good skiing experience.


Wednesday 8 PM

The trails are skiing well. We groomed up about 60 km this morning with the 4 of us. Skiing was perfect…just a matter of picking the time that is right for you.

We had the Clydesdales and Thoroughbreds and the Superior Snow Shoers here tonight enjoying the moonlit evening/night.

Taste of the Trails Saturday 12-2

Early Bird Season Passes on sale $110 and $130 for JR/SR and Adult..  Save money and ski free for the rest of this season!