Wednesday 8:45 PM

Just coming in from grooming, the trails are still very solid from the daily grooming with the Pisten Bullies, I groomed tonight with the Gator and 9 foot Ginzu , it worked well. We groomed about 20 km.  Not sure how well iot will freeze tonight but we may take the Pisten Bully out in the early morning and groom some more….there is Rain forecast for tomorrow turning to snow. After 25 years I will do the best to make the best grooming decisions. The report will be updated at 7-9 AM Thursday morning. after I scout the conditions and look at updated forecasts. Scheduled close date is March 22 . It looks like we are closing this year with snow , but flooding from the River. March 22 is 127 days of great skiing!

Monday 8 PM

Great skiing today, low 30’s and hi humidity. We groomed about 45 km of skating  this earlyAM , the classic tracks looked great. we have a crew on stand by for the morning grooming.

Monday 6 pm









Great skiing today, we received 1-2 inches of snow overnight, 4 groomers out grooming had 75 km buffed out and retracted at 9;30. The 2-3 inches of new snow from today and tonight will be regroomed in the early morning.

Friday 9 PM

The Lake effect snow has been kicking in for the past few hours off and on. I am just coming in  from grooming . Spent most of my time out on the Highlands and Ridge Runner. The conditions have been great (from early season conditions 7 weeks ago)  to  excellent conditions …. after 5 feet of snow and hundreds of grooming hours.