Wednesday 8 pm

we had a great day of skiing today, yes it warmed up but the base stayed solid. It is going to ice up tonight as it freezes but the 2 pistenbully’s are scheduled to regroom in the am. Snowfall to date 119 inches….above last year! Base 12-13 inches,

Tuesday Feb 13th 9 PM

I am not updating daily because the trail is staying in great shape with the winter conditions…We groom as needed about every day, the tracks are firm and well set, the skate lanes are firm, flat and soft enough for an edge. I see warm temps for Wednesday but the skiing should remain firm and very nice for skiing. Thursday we will regroom as needed

Friday 4 pm

We had great skiing again today, we retracked  65 km of trail and groomed 75 km of skate  lanes. We should have excellent skiing until otherwise reported.



Sunday 6;15 pm

we had a great day of skiing with the new lake effect snow. We received about 2 inches last night and the 4 groomers headed out early this morning.we groomed 71 km including setting all new tracks, the Bully’s mixed the old snow and new for a great surface. It continued to snow during the grooming process and the skiing hours. We will be bullying again in the am…