Ready for the SISU

The course is ready for the SISU Saturday, firm and smooth. We are getting some snow tonight, so we are delaying the grooming for a few hours.

Day skier trails open will be the classic only and the 4 km skate classic dog trails until 1 PM after the racers are gone and the Taste n Tour are gone.


Firmed up

All 4 groomers are just coming in from the nightly grooming routine. The new 12 inches of snow has now been powertilled 3-4 times and the trail has a nice durable and skiable surface. We will continue to groom over the next 2 days before the SISU Ski Fest takes place.

12 inches of new snow

The snowfall is back to being measured in feet like the old days! The groomers were out for several passes today and will be be back out in the AM. The trail should be firmed by tomorrow.

More snow

We have been getting snow steady, and at a nice manageable rate. The groomers were out today and got all 60 km groomed up by 9 aM , they have been out tonight and will back out in the early AM hours. The skiing has been reported as super and the scenery is “Winter Wonderalnd”


The lake effect snow guns kicked in and we have been getting snow for the last 2 days. The groomers have been out and will be back out in the AM.

Setting track with the Sherpa
Settign track with the Sherpa
Grooming the new snow out at Hautanen
Grooming the new snow out at Hautanen
The SISU race course is ready for next weekend
The SISU Race Course is ready for next Saturday