Wednesday 8 PM

We groomed about 35 km of skating today and 18 km of classic only trails. The 1 inch of snow groomed in well and the 3 inches of new snow should groom in well early tomorrow AM . Both Pisten bullies will be out and the 2 single track groomers as well.

Monday 7:00 PM

We groomed 35 km of skating this morning   ….Did a bit of scouting and grooming tonight. The snow is still cold dry powder, tracks are firm but not icy. We plan to regroom skate lanes again Tuesday AM. Skiing has been super with the mild temps.

Sunday 8 PM

Just coming in from scouting and grooming; trails are looking great, we regroomed all the trails today except the dog trails. Classic only trails took some work to get back in shape, but they turned out great. Both Pisten Bullies took care of the combo trails. I groomed about 15 km tonight ; Wolly Bully will do touch up on another 20 km early AM

Saturday 9 PM

Just coming in from grooming in the bigger PB. I groomed up about 25 km tonight. The 2 classic only groomers will be out early AM and both Pisten Bullies will be out to complete a full regrooming in the early AM.

Skiers were quite happy with conditions today.

Friday 9 PM

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Just coming in from round 1 grooming tonight. the trails are in great shape,  There is plenty of cold dry powder under the 21 inch base. We have been grooming  6 days a week . Groomers will be back out in the early AM , it is snowing lightly.