Wednesday 10 pm

I am just coming in fromgrooming in the bigger Pisten Bully….the trails are looking great. I set track and groomed skate lanes on River, Sulos, Hautannen, bards, blue berry and  Meadow ridge! The othe main trails were pisten bully powertilled this morning. Skiing has been super for spring skiing. We close on Sunday  March 26th at 5 pm

Monday 8:30 pm

just coming in from grooming, the trails are in great shape, there is one thin area on the peak of coyote canyon, no bare spots pretty much a 8 inch base throughout. I will be back out  in the am grooming with the pisten bully.

Summary: blue berry, bards, Hautannen, coyote , meadow ridge,groomed skate lanes tonight- about 20 km..they will be fast, fresh corduroy but not for the beginner until it softens…today the softenening was 1 pm.  I will groom Cherry, river , popple, pit point, and Sulo in the am and maybe rest some tracks. About 12 km, these trails will ski well at 9 am…Classic only trails were groomed last night and are well formed bu icy until the temps  warm up…about 20 km

Sunday 8 PM

We had a great day of skiing today, fresh tracks and skate lanes at 9  AM….. the base is about 8 inches….honest average inches. There are 3 thin spots on 75 km but no bare spots. We had  5 groomers out again early AM power-tilling and setting tracks on 68 km of trails.  With the freeze thaw cycles it is labor and equipment intensive (and expensive)  to groom for 9 AM skiing, We have been doing that for the last several months. We will be grooming, of course, next week…but for the last week of our ski season.. it is going to be based on timing. For classic skiers you will have solid tracks but if you show up at 9 AM at 28 degrees the tracks will be well formed but fast and icy…maybe you want to wait for the  temps and sun to soften them or ski the flat trails here. Skaters   will have hard and groomed FFF conditions (Fun Fast and Forgiving) but you  will have some trails softened with the Pisten Bully in the morning and then some that were groomed the night before that are hard and fast and smooth …they will soften with the temps later in the day for firm skiing for the season pass holders that work 9-4. There will be some trails like the dog trails and the 2 expert trails Peltonen Pass, and Ridge Runner that will be closed until the next  weekend, They are steep and can be dangerous to ski in in-groomed conditions.



we had a great day of spring skiing, we groomed up 75 k and  reset 62 km of classic tracks this morning with the crew. We have a full crew out in the early am and will be regrooming about 55-65 km.

Friday night 10 pm

just coming in from grooming w the Bully. I just groomed the main trails of 20 km but the Trails are grooming up well. We will have a full crew in a few hours grooming the entire 75k of trails including all the classic only trails. Skiing looks great through the weekend and next week.