Monday 7 PM

We groomed 68 km of trails this morning, resetting tracks and regrooming skate lanes.  We only had a crew of 3 groomers today so we did not complete the grooming until 11 AM but we had a good 55 km done by 9 AM. coffee break.

Groomers are starting a bit later tomorrow morning at 7 AM  so we plan to groom throughout the day if the forecast snow occurs, it is starting about 6 AM and is looking like about 6 inches during the day..

Sunday 7 PM

We groomed 73 km of trails this morning , w both Pisten Bullys and one the snowmobiles.  the skiing was great today with milder temps and firmer snow after the 1 foot of snowfall Friday. It has been snowing since about 11 AM and we have received about 2 inches of snow so far. The snow is forecast to stop soon so we will have a crew out in the AM to regroom for Monday, The Hilltop House is available for next year Jan 20,21,22 Mon-Wed and Feb 2,3,4,5 Sun-Wed, 2020.

Saturday 10 PM

Coming in from grooming with the bigger Pisten Bully, The trails are grooming up like velvet. I will be back out w the groom crew in the early AM.

Saturday 6 PM

We had a cold early morning but by noon we had a good crew of skiers out enjoying above 0 temps and sunshine. The trails are going to be groomed again in the AM. Skiing should be super with the warmer temps.

Friday 7 PM

We had a great crew turn out early this morning to manage the foot of snow we received last night and yesterday. Skiers were pleased with 75 km groomed and parking areas plowed at 9 AM.  We will groom in the AM as needed. Not sure why I don’t have a picture.