ABR Trails is now a full service ski touring center known in the Midwest as one of the top ski centers.

We are celebrating 21 years of  operating the ABR Ski Trails for the public this year!

The Anderson homestead has been used for skiing and snowshoeing for over 43 years. Trails were cut with a bow saw and axe.  We used to pack the trails with snowshoes and then ski-in a track on 6 kilometers.

Dave 1946, Eric 1969
Early skiers: Dave 1943,  Eric 1969

ABR stands for Active Backwoods Retreats. Dave and Eric Anderson  (father and son) started the business in 1995 with 13 km of ski trails. We groomed with a Ski doo Alpine and 4 foot Tidd Tech. The rate for skiing was $4 on the honor system and paid at a 3 sided sign in booth.

ABR circa 1999
Dave and Helen Anderson 1999

Angela and Eric (husband and wife) now run ABR on privately owned or leased land. They do not receive government grant money, stimulus money, or any other tax payer dollars.

Eric Anderson and Angela Santini, 2009
Eric Anderson and Angela Santini, 2009