Wednesday8 PM

Groomed 30 km today, skiing was great. Tracks reset yesterday on single tracks skied very well too. I am heading out again in the early AM to head south. Tonight I groomed to the north..old ABR

Tuesday 8 PM

just coming in from checking the trails , the snow is still cold dry powder. We groomed about 50 km of classic only trails this morning with a double team of wide track setting track and pig heart pulling in new snow on the right. the classics turned out great. The snow and temps are perfect;. Sure another 5-6 inches would be great but we are fine with what we have and thankful for the good snow cover,. I don’t plan on sending the groomers out in the early AM, I may head out at 7 or so and groom the 15km SISU.

Monday 8 PM

Just coming in from checking trails and grooming the SISU 15 km loop.  The SISU 15km course looked super, ABR groomers shoveled in any thin spots and snowplowed downhills this morning. That route is all white and groomed. Classic track is glazed a bit but set and firm.

We have the groomers heading out in the early AM to regroom some of the single tracks. Skiing on 86k of groomed ski trails

Sunday 5 PM

We had a great weekend of skiing.  Snow Conditions are holding up well with our daily grooming, we have been grooming most of the combi trails daily. We have not reset tracks in about 5 days. The combination trails have great cover and a good solid classic track.  The classic only narrow trails are getting a bit worn, with thin spots under the pines. We are skiing on 87 km of groomed ski trails,

Saturday 5:30

Just coming in from checking trails. They are again looking used but still “groomable”. This morning the trails groomed up very well and we groomed about 50 km. Mainly grooming skate lanes but we did set some track. The classic only trails are seeing some thin areas under the conifers, but the main trails ae well covered. Groomer crew in early in the AM Sunday, light snow falling…very light. Porta Potties getting weekly service tonight.