Sunday 7 PM

The broken record still plays: ” Great skiing again today, we rest most of the classic only and Pisten Bully powertilled the combination trails resetting tracks.”

Not sure of the plan for the early AM grooming which we are delaying until 8 AM to see what the wintry mix brings …we do plan to groom some trails for Monday but we will not be grooming 75 km again and I am not sure what time the grooming will occur.

Saturday 9:30 PM

Just coming in from the night shift. Trails are looking fantastic. The PB tilled up the main trails and reset track . We have the full crew heading out early to groom the rest of the trails.

Saturday 6 PM

Sorry for the broken record…”great skiing again today” temps were up to 34 but with the base we have and no sun it was and is still cold dry powder. Groomers are doing a great job keeping up (and  showing up in the wee hours of the early morning). I am heading out to start the night grooming in the PB on the main trails and we will all be out again in the early morning  to complete the job.

Friday 9:30 PM

Coming in from second shift grooming . The trails are tilling up real fine the snow is basically cold dry powder! The Pisten Bully is mixing up the old snow and new snow for a good mix. Groomers last night and this morning did a great job setting 50 km of track and making it a great day of skiing. Third shift heading back out shortly to finish the grooming on 75 km.   (BTW There are no bare spots )

Thursday 9 pm

Just coming from grooming the trails are in great shape, cold dry powder! Looks like. Great weekend ahead. The Sisu Ski Fest is coming up January 12th and it looks like great conditions!