Friday night 10 pm

just coming in from grooming w the Bully. I just groomed the main trails of 20 km but the Trails are grooming up well. We will have a full crew in a few hours grooming the entire 75k of trails including all the classic only trails. Skiing looks great through the weekend and next week.

Thursday night 9;30 pm

I am just coming in from grooming with the Pisten BULLY.   I groomed up about 24 k tonight of combination trails. It is still tilling up as dry cold powder!  We had both pisten bully’s out this morning and groomed up over 40 k. We plan to attack the classic only for Saturday skiing.

‘SKIING HAS BEEN SUPER’…….come and get it while we  are open. We close the last Sunday of March. That means we are open until Sunday  March 25th at 5 pm.

Wednesday 6:30 PM

Skiing was great today.  We groomed 25 km for skiing today but all of the trails skied well. I am just coming from grooming in the bigger bully, 10 km groomed tonight;it still lis cold dry powder in most places…We will be out with both Pisten Bully’s power tilling  early in the AM Thursday grooming about another 31km for Thursday skiing.

Tuesday 9 PM

The new  1 -2 inch of new snow really helped shape up the trail over the 1 foot of base .

I am just coming in from grooming with the Pissed off Bully. We groomed about 25 km of skate lanes and classic tracks on the “old ABR system” till I got bucked off on the last loop and had to head home for sauna and supper.  Groomers will be out daily till March 25.

Lots of calls on how will skiing be this weekend? This is an easy answer:  It will be great!  We have a good base, good groomers and the forecasts are perfect. Cabins are open…