Monday 8 PM

just coming in from checking the trails and forecast , we plan to regroom early AM Tuesday, skiing today was rated excellent.

Sunday 6:30 PM

The early AM grooming went well, we had 4 groomers in the early AM , 2 Pisten Bullies regroomed all of the race course and then some. Classic only groomers re-tracked all classics, the trail is looking great, .

SISU Saturday 5PM

The SISU went very well today, the course groomed up very well, we were able to get clean snow on the road crossings and get the skate deck, classic track and pole plants firm. Groomers will be back out in the early AM to regroom all the trails.

Saturday 4 AM

We are getting ready to head into town with the groomers, we did receive a dusting overnight that will be left on last nights grooming. We are grooming from the 19 km in this morning that will be a bit fresher. Good luck SISU Racers!

Friday 9:30 PM

We are just coming in from grooming the first 19 km of the SISU with the 2 Pisten Bullies. the cold dry snow is tilling up well and should set hard. Tracks looked firm and smooth. We are heading out at 5 AM to groom into town and fill in the road crossings. Looks like it should be one of the best race courses ever. Day skiers will find classic skiing with 2 day old tracks on 35 km and skate skiers will find fresh grooming on 10 km and then at noon all trails open up for day skiing.