Sunday 8:15 PM

Just coming in from checking the trails, We will doing touch up grooming in the AM starting at about 8 AM . Skiing was great today! We plan to close March 22 at 5 PM…one more week left.

Saturday 9:20 PM

Full groom team on this morning,  both Pisten Bullies powertilled all combo trails and the classic only trails had 2 smaller groomers pulling Ginzu groomers, renovating and re- setting tracks…  We groomed 68 km of trails this morning.

Just coming in from grooming  tonight ;the trails are still cold dry powder from the snow last Thursday afternoon. I groomed about 15 km tonight  and we will re-groom another 20 km or so in the early AM. Classic tracks looked great , firma nd fast: a bit of glazing here and there but cold dry powder for much of it.

Friday 8:30 PM

The trails groomed up quite well this morning with  the new snow (dang I should have taken a picture!) We groomed about 40 km including single track trails. Groomers will be out again in the early AM w both Pisten Bullies and 2-3 smaller groomers Taste of the Trails 12-2 ,,,looks like a great turn out. 50% off soft  goods  20 % off accessories such as wax, tools etc. $100 newbie season pass on sale for next year

Taste of the Trails March 14th

15th Annual Taste of the Trails
March 14th 2020, Saturday from 12:00 to 2 PM

Sample our local cuisine and specialties of our local restaurants. Restaurants will have tables set up at the trailhead. There is no special cost for the event, just pay the food costs at each booth. Typically $2-5. Sample our local cuisine and specialties of our local restaurants.

  • Don and GG’s – Jamaican Jerk Chicken Skewers (GF), Jamaican Rice (GF, V), Homemade Cookies, Hummus Cups (GF, V), and a tropical soft drink.
  • Manny’s – Pasta in a Marinara sauce.
  • Cold Iron – Drift North IPA, Ayer Street Amber, Honey Cream Ale and
    Catherine the Great Porter.
  • BrewstersSliders from the grill.
  • Bake Superior – Personal size Scone, Palmiers ( chocolate dipped croissant).
  • Elk and Hound – Chili.
  • Old Suffolk Ale House – Porketta sandwiches.

Thursday 4 PM

We saw the rain change to snow at 3 PM and it continues to snow. About an inch accumulated so far. The groomers will be back out in the AM. Looks like a great weekend for Taste of the Trails….Saturday 12-2