New Snow

We received about 3-4 inches of fresh snow so far today and the groomers are headed out again tonight. This is just what we ordered to get the trails in winterlike conditions. We will be all groomed up for Sunday skiing. Skiers were very happy today with the afternoon conditions

Trails are ready for the weekend

We have the trails set for Saturday. The base is firm with a few icy areas. The classic tracks are set along the main trails and also have a few thin areas. The skiers have been very satisfied with conditions. The snow coming this afternoon and tonight should smooth things out nicely.

Groomed up well

The new snow did groom up well  and skied well too. We groomed 30 km of skate lanes and set 20 km of tracks. The base is a bit bumpy and thin but many skiers are skiing on good skis.

Skiing is back to good with a Nice “Underbase”

The new snow really helped shape up the trails again. We were out during the snowfall today grooming and the trails are leveling out a bit and back to pretty white. We will be out early in the morning grooming again, The “under base” is very hard but under the new snow it is acting as a nice protector to the ground.  (“Underbase” is like underwear,  it protects you and no one sees it unless you have an accident!)

Skiers were happy this afternoon.

Lake Effect Snow

We have received about 3 inches of snow so far this morning. We groomed about 10 km . We have a thin hard base under 3 inches of fluff right now, we will regroom later as it piles up. Skiing is not real good this morning but may improve later today and I expect good skiing Thursday.