Saturday AM

The last 1  1/2 feet of snow has been groomed many times and the trail is firm and race ready. The Pisten Bully is on its way into town grooming the last 10 km of the SISU course now.

The SISU will be going on the ABR Trails from 9-noon and then all of the trails will be open from 9-noon 25 km of stride only trails open and 3 k of skate trails.

Thursday 10 PM

Snowfall in the last 24 hours has been about 1 foot…and in a nice steady fall so the groomers can keep up. We groomed with all 7 groomers today starting at 5 AM. The last groomer is just coming off the SISU Trail now at 9 PM. We are grooming 75 k including the SISU course and the trails are all looking super.

Wednesday PM

We reset 25 k of classic track this morning and skiing was very good. The snow started this afternoon. We will groom tonight and again early in the AM.

Wednesday AM

We have been setting classic tracks along the skate lanes this morning and is turning out quite nice, we are able to pull in fresh cold dry powder. The skate lanes are not groomed today they were groomed yesterday. They may  be a bit icy until they get groomed, maybe later today.