Daily grooming

We have been getting daily snowfalls and we have been grooming the trails daily. We have been grooming from 6-9 AM with 4 groomers since the snow has been coming in the morning. Today skiing was super and it snowed another 2-3 inches until 3 PM.

13 F and clear

It looks like we have a break from the storm. Just coming in from powertilling  Peltonen Pass-out with the Pisten Bully, the fresh snow groomed in well and was cold dry powder.

More snow

Woke up to  another 2 inches of snow this morning, we tracked about 40 km  of trails and powertilled 18 km of skate lanes. Skiing was on the mild side today with 32 F temps. It is cooling down now and it is snowing. Groomers are headed out early in the AM .

Merry Christmas

We received about 4-5 inches of snow today and it is snowing tonight. The Pisten Bully has been out grooming as well as the other snowmobiles setting tracks. The woods are sure pretty.  We ar eopen every day including the holidays.

Skiing at its best

Skiing has been super; fresh snow with mild temps and the sun has been out! The Pisten Bully and the other groomers have been out daily. CANCELPete and Clare and family headed out for a ski

Pete and Clare and family headed out for a ski

LATION: The River House Annex rooms are open between now and Jan 7th.