We picked up about 4 inches of snow over night and all 60 km have been regroomed and track set. Conditions are back to mid winter!

Recreational skiers are now Happy again

The new snow really helped shape up the trails,
We just picked up an inch or do so far today which was groomed into the surface, and it continues to snow. Recreational skiers are happy again. Today we had many senior (65 + )skiers who enjoyed the conditions. Full crew on for the early morning grooming, it looks like we are back in a winter lake effect snow cycle 100% chance of snow Wed- Friday…2-4 inches each day!

Some like it fast and hard

The trails were groomed up again this morning. We are spending 4 hours daily in the morning with 2 groomers daily making a nice skiable surface.  If there is a thin spot snowplowed off we are shoveling it and grooming over it to beef it up. The surface is very skiable and those that like it hard and fast are loving it! The recreational skiers that like it a bit slower are being a bit challenged. The classic tracks are not ice they are glazed, some folks are using hard wax a few Klister and some waxless. Classic tracks were reset 4 days ago  after the thaw. (when my mother asked if should ski today, I replied it will be better tommorrow when it snows)

20 and sunshine

We had another good day of skiing today. The trails groomed up well today, the conditions were firm but controllable with the base renovated about a 1/2 inch. the classic tracks wwere left alone. We will be back out in the AM

Great skiing again today

The trails groomed up well again this morning. We are grooming with the Pisten Bully powertilling and running the front renovator since the snow is now old and hard. The result is a very fun and skiable surface and a classic track that can be skied with blue wax. This is a very costly and time consuming daily grooming process and eventually wears out the snow. Now midweek we will now groom with the smaller machines like the Alpina and Skandic and the new Ginzu groomers. These groomers will renovate the snow down about a 1/2 inch to an inch in the skate lanes. We will use the Pisten Bully as needed to keep  the trails in good shape.