Classic tracks

We picked up another inch or so overnight and the grooming crew is out grooming and setting the classic tracks on about 15-20 km of trail. The trails are improving by the day.

Every inch helps

We normally don’t measure snow in inches but in  feet here in Big Snow Country. Today we picked up another 1-2 inches which was groomed this morning. Lot’s of happy skiers enjoying the snow and some classic skiers skiing in a track on the classic only trails and sides of the skate lane. Thin cover but very skiable with a grassy surface underneath.

First Day Open

We had a good turn out for the opening day and skiers were content with the early season conditions. A few sections to avoid but overall very skiable. No Classic tracks today, we will regroom on Saturday AM.

Friday AM

We just got a dusting overnight but the guys are out now grooming and laying cordoroy on most of the  skate trails. We will be open at 9 AM with a thin early season base . No classic tracks today. WE will be open 9-dark.

Opening Friday

We will be opening Friday with early season conditions. We will not be setting tracks on Friday but maybe on Saturday weather permitting. We rolled about 30 km of trail this morning. The base is thin and has some wet spots. The trail is freezing down well tonight as the temps are in the teens. We do not recommend your best skis.